Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tsep Dad Recipes Soon

If there's one life skill I wish I learned when I was growing up, it's cooking. My Mom is a great cook and I wish I have that skill too. Unfortunately, I didn't grow-up in the kitchen. Although I know it's never too late to learn, having a lot on my plate right now, with no helper around, I  just can't seem to find time to do it.

But I praise God that He gave me a husband who loves to cook. He is our Tsep (Chef) Dad and he is the one assigned to do the cooking everyday as his share to our household loads. I usually help him slicing and preparing ingredients but he is the real Kitchen King. He likes to reinvent and he's never afraid to try new dishes. He enjoys it and we love his recipes!

I'll start sharing his food recipes here in my blog and I hope you'll find it useful. So stay tuned!

Meet our Handsome Tsep Dad

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