Friday, January 27, 2017

Teaching Perseverance - Mt. Lubo Climb

Mt. Lubo Climb

Hubby and Gabi had a father and son adventure when they went on a hike with CCF Sports Ministry Members last November 12, 2016. They climbed Mt. Lubo in Tanay, Rizal.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#Ariel100StainsIn1Wash Challenge

Ariel Powder Gel

Ariel is a concentrated detergent that gives you better stain removal in one wash versus twice the powder.

It has optimized its formulation which contains a higher level of active ingredients and smart enzymes.

The power of every wash leads to a worry-free laundry experience, allowing women to have more time for other things. Ariel's laundry detergent comes in both powder (Ariel Sunrise Fresh) and gel form (Ariel Powder Gel).

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Monday, January 9, 2017

REVIEW: Mamy Poko Diaper Pants

Mamy Poko Diaper Pants

My second son, Gael started with disposable diapers when he was born. We don't venture on trying different brands but instead, we used a tried and trusted brand for years. It was the same diaper that we used in our first born.

Our journey with cloth diaper started when he was 11 months. We decided to "supplement" to save money and since CDs are eco-friendly. But it wasn't for long, we grew tired of the washing routine and since the baby is growing up, he is becoming a heavy wetter. So, we switched back to disposables.

When he entered the "terrific two" stage, putting a diaper on him is a real struggle! We resolved to use diaper pants. It was summer season during that time and we noticed that he is having heat rash on the waist area, so we stopped and went back to the original tape type that we've been using.

I haven't tried any Mamy Poko Diaper in the past. I just saw them in departments stores and I remember one cousin recommended it. But I don't like spending money for testing purposes especially since I already have a trusted brand. Good thing, Lazada PH sent me a sample of Mamy Poko Pants Diaper last December. 

Mamy Poko Diaper Pants
The Packaging

Mamy Poko Diaper Pants
Front View

Mamy Poko Diaper Pants
Back View

Mamy Poko Diaper Pants
Inner Pad
Mamy Poko Diaper Pants
This is how it fits on my LO. He is using XL here, so I guess we need a smaller size

Absorption: Good. It leaves baby's skin dry after wee wee. I tried it overnight and when I touched the diaper full of wee wee, it is still feeling dry.
Texture/Feeling: Extra soft
Fitting: Fast and easy to wear which is good for toddlers. I love that it fits like a brief and not square-shaped which is common on tape type diapers.
Design: I love the Blue color (there's also pink for girls) with 6 designs of Pooh. At least it is from a familiar character which makes the little one excited to wear.
Source: Easy to find, available in department stores, supermarkets and for those who doesn't have time to go out, you can also order it online thru Lazada PH.

Notes to add:

The size that I got is XL which is good for 12-17 kg. Since my little one is kinda petite, it looks bigger and loose. I guess I need a smaller size for him. Gael didn't get rashes on this diaper, although I need to test this during summer to see if it will give him heat rash. Overall, this is good diaper pants.

Mamy Poko Diaper Pants

Thanks Lazada PH and Mamy Poko for this sample. You can order this online here.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 Highlights

Happy New Year Everyone!

2016 Highlights

To kick-off my year, I just want to look back and have a rundown of our 2016 highlights. We don't do New Year's resolution but we want to thank God for His goodness this past year. So, let's start!

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